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Not My Style: Glossy Lids.

  Lip gloss on the eyelid? It’s exactly as abhorrent as it sounds. As I said last week, I want to be more adventurous with my makeup looks this year. I first saw the glossy eyelid look with PixiWoo’s video. The title of the video is aptly named ‘Most People Will Hate This Look. Just… Continue reading Not My Style: Glossy Lids.

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Liquid Lipsticks: Not So Sleek

  It kinda painful to write such a negative review of a brand that I really love. If you’ve ever read any of my previous posts, you’ll know that Sleek eyeshadows are my absolute favourites and they really do deserve their own blog post. I bought so many of their Matte Me liquid lipsticks assuming they… Continue reading Liquid Lipsticks: Not So Sleek

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L’oreal Paris False Lash Superstar X Fiber: Honest Review.

Just thought I’d do a quick review of L’oreal’s new Xfiber mascara because I haven’t seen many honest reviews that I can trust that haven’t been sponsored by L’oreal. I had high hopes when this came out because L’oreal’s False Lash Sculpt is my favourite mascara ever. I hated this mascara when I first got it,… Continue reading L’oreal Paris False Lash Superstar X Fiber: Honest Review.

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Lovable Lashes: Caribbean Spice Palette

If you’ve clicked on this post even after seeing the cringe featured image and my rubbish attempt at an “instagramable” photo, then I applaud you! I’ve learned that sticking a candle in the shot doesn’t always make for a good photo… But I’ll cringe about that later. I’ll get into the review of the Lovable Lashes… Continue reading Lovable Lashes: Caribbean Spice Palette