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Not My Style: Glossy Lids.


Lip gloss on the eyelid? It’s exactly as abhorrent as it sounds. As I said last week, I want to be more adventurous with my makeup looks this year. I first saw the glossy eyelid look with PixiWoo’s video. The title of the video is aptly named ‘Most People Will Hate This Look. Just Sayin’ (sic)’ because  I immediately hated it. The thought of putting lip gloss or anything of that consistency makes me convulse a little bit. Yet, it’s predicted to be one of the hit makeup looks of spring, so I thought I’d try it myself to see if I could be converted.

Yes, the Glossy Lid is exactly what it says on the tin, a shimmery eyeshadow topped off with a sticky coating of lip gloss or Vaseline. This is an eye look that you will either love or hate and depending on which colours you use, you do run the risk of looking like you have an eye infection. But the high gloss look is striking on Instagram and it’s really quick to do.

One thing that is particularly appealing with this look is that the messier it is, the better. There’s no need for over the top blending and an eyeliner flick, so sharp it could cut glass because the gloss is going to smudge everything together anyway. To achieve the look, first apply shimmery or metallic eyeshadow to the eye, then top with some form of gloss. This can be vaseline or basic lip-gloss, or if you can afford it MAC have the Kabuki Eye Gloss- Out designed specifically for this glossy eye look. Top the whole thing off with a kohl eyeliner with no need for precision- The more of a mess the better.

This is a look that I tried myself with much scepticism and it’s sad to say that I’m still not fully convinced by it. It is certainly a look for the bold or those trying to find an edgier makeup look. I expected the high gloss edgy look I’d seen in so many Instagram photos but instead, it looked like what I can only describe as’ hangover makeup’, which is the makeup you have after forgetting to wipe your makeup off after a night out.

Before Gloss. Created using my new favourite ‘I Heart Makeup: I Heart Chocolate‘ Palette
The mess that is the after photo. It’s shiny, but is it worth looking like you have conjunctivitis?

It may be the case that this makeup look takes a lot of practice and a lot of getting used to. However, it’s a look I’m apprehensive to try again unless anyone has any tips on how to do a better job. This look isn’t compatible with the rubbish and windy weather in England and my hair will just stick to my eyelids. I’m not quite ready to give up my sharp eyeliner wings just yet. If this is the go-to makeup look of the spring, I might have to reserve my lip-gloss just for my lips.







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