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Not My Style: Blue Eyeshadow.

There are too many makeup and fashion styles out there to fathom. When I see those really beautiful and bold trends like chokers, colourful freckles and blue lipstick, I know I’m not the only one who has used the line “It’sa really good look, but I could never pull it off.” I for one am tired of being scared to wear certain styles because it’s too ‘out there’, so I thought I’d start a blog segment where I try these styles and actually wear them out, to see if they’re styles I can incorporate more into my life.

The first thing on my list is blue eyeshadow. It’s a taboo colour in the makeup world, the first thing you envision is a woman in the 80’s, backcombed hair and electric blue eyeshadow packed right up to her eyebrow. But I really love the colour blue and have been itching to incorporate it into my look. So that’s what I did.

How I achieved the look 

I thought the best time to wear blue is with performance makeup (go big or go home right?). I’m part of a dancing society at my university and wore blue eyeshadow to match my blue dancing skirt. This is what I ended up with:




The lighting doesn’t do it justice, looking more silver than blue but I can assure you the blue was there and I never felt more self-conscious. But I received so many compliments, even an “your makeup is on point”, which admittedly made me feel a lot better about showcasing my terrible dance moves to a large audience. If you want to recreate the look, here’s how I did it:


Lovable Lashes, Caribbean Spice Palette.             Blue heart= Crease. Red Heart= Outer corner. (they’re shades of blueish purple in real light)



Some say disgusting, I say well loved, Sleek:Vintage Romance palette. Red heart= Outer corner. Blue heart =inner third of eye

I also topped the eye look off with some Eyelure volume eyelashes, which is another bold move for me because I never wear eyelashes. But I think I will wear them more in the future. I can’t wait to carry on this series and keep stepping out of my beauty comfort zone. Maybe next time I’ll try the colourful freckles trend! Feel free to be bold and take part in this if you’re feeling adventurous. I’d like to tag UndGranny to do this and maybe recreate a look using green eyeshadows.





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