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Liquid Lipsticks: Not So Sleek


It kinda painful to write such a negative review of a brand that I really love. If you’ve ever read any of my previous posts, you’ll know that Sleek eyeshadows are my absolute favourites and they really do deserve their own blog post. I bought so many of their Matte Me liquid lipsticks assuming they would be as good quality as the eyeshadows, but as I looked at my patchy lips in the mirror of the club last night, I realised that buying all of these liquid lipsticks may have been a mistake.

My gross, patchy, lips.

Here’s a picture of my patchy mess that you’d call lips, the picture doesn’t even show the full extent of the patchy lipsticks. I moisturised and used a lip liner, but they still stripped my lips of moisture and looked uneven.

It’s such a shame too because the lipsticks are a really lovely colour but the darker colours in particular just don’t work for my lips. Not only my lips it seems, several friends have had the same problem with them.

(First two stripes) This is the one I wore last night… you can see how patchy it is.

Not every lipstick is completely un-forgivable though, the lighter colours like Birthday Suit and Shabby Chic look really pretty with a dark lip liner and have a more even colour than the red lipsticks. But they really aren’t long lasting and I can manage maybe two hours before they get gross and tacky in the centre of my lips.

Birthday Suit… One I would wear again
I like Shabby Chic (but it needs a lip liner)

Since I have them, I’ll also review the purple shades Old Hollywood and Velvet Slipper. I haven’t worn them much as purple is quite a bold look which if I’m honest, I don’t really pull off. They’re better than the reds in that they last a little longer and don’t go quite as patchy… but the colour is still not solid and fades away as the day goes on, making it look like you’ve eaten too many blueberries.

Patchy, but not as patchy as Velvet Slipper


Pretty Colour… but patchy.


So all in all, It really is sad to write such a negative review but I thought I’d be honest and write it so that people don’t wear them on a night out like I did and end up looking like a hungry Edward Cullen by the end of the night. The nudes are better than the darker colours, but even then they’re still not my favourite formula. On a more positive note, their solid lipsticks are lovely and creamy and don’t go patchy… theses are the one’s I’ll compulsively but from now on.

This one is much better than the liquid lipsticks



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