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My Style Inspiration: Grace Kelly

I find my style icon often changes with my mood, but I thought this one was worth documenting because she’s more graceful (if you’ll pardon the pun) than the icons that came before her. For instance, I went through a Bender from The Breakfast Club fashion obsession and let me tell you, oversized jackets and plaid doesn’t really suit shorties like me.

The dress she wore in Rear Window is iconic now and for good reason! The floaty ballerina skirt paired with a black body-con was the outfit that first sparked my obsession. I tried to emulate the look with New Look’s midi skirts. It’s a vintage look traditionally meant for taller ladies with longer legs, but I love wearing them and spinning around in them like a weird toddler. I now own three midi-skirts which, if I’m honest is a bit ridiculous for a student who never leaves the house. But I love them and think you should have at least one in your life.




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