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Getting Grungy

Love it or hate it, 90’s grunge fashion is getting a modern day revival. Some people appreciate the edginess of the look without trying too hard. Cathy Horyn called grunge an “anathema to fashion” and would rather side with the Grandmothers of the world who try and sew up the holes in ripped jeans. But should grunge fashion really have lived and died in the 90’s?

There was a time in 1992 when Marc Jacobs was fired from Perry Ellis for his showcasing of grunge clothes, a style people didn’t see as true fashion and more shabby than chic. But if Marc had showcased this fashion in the modern era, it’s likely he would have received a very different response.  It’s hard to miss the grunge fashion as we walk down the high street which is particularly prevalent in young people’s fashion. 90’s grunge has transported itself to 2017 but it’s not quite as dramatic as the thick black eyeliner and crucifix necklaces that we see in 90’s cult classic movie The Craft. Grunge has becomes so popular because of its versatility you can dress girly grunge, gothic grunge or anywhere in between.

Grunge is notable for its chokers, which are sold everywhere now, you can pick them up for as little as £2 in Primark. To many of out parent’s dismay, distressed jeans are also a big part of the look and have been popular for a good few years now. You can tone down the grunge jeans look with just a simple slit at the knee or take it a step further and wear jeans that look like you’ve been at them with a pair of scissors and a cheese grater.


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The great thing about grunge fashion is that it can be worn day or night because it’s so comfortable. Channel grunge into your day by layering your t-shirts, incorporating a plaid shirt and those distressed jeans I was just talking about. All you need for a grungy sugar night out is some chunky-heeled boots, tousled hair and dramatic burgundy makeup.

As Tom Ford says “fashion is disposable yet repeat’s itself” and while grunge fashion may have been born in the 90’s, it certainly did not die in the 90’s; Grunge fashion is deserving of a place in 2017. It’s a trendy, edgy and comfortable look that anyone can pull off with the clothing readily available in high street shops.


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