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Lovable Lashes: Caribbean Spice Palette

If you’ve clicked on this post even after seeing the cringe featured image and my rubbish attempt at an “instagramable” photo, then I applaud you! I’ve learned that sticking a candle in the shot doesn’t always make for a good photo… But I’ll cringe about that later. I’ll get into the review of the Lovable Lashes Caribbean Spice palette.

As soon as a saw this photo on sophdoesnails YouTube channel, I knew I had to have it. The colours were right up my street and I’d been searching for the perfect plum burgundy colour all through Autumn and Winter. At a steal, this palette is only £18 and I got an extra 10% off with the code Lovable10 that Sophie provides in the video

Here’s a close up of all the colours. I love the oranges and the ones in the bottom left-hand corner. Shattered eyeshadow on the bottom row.

Delivery. 6/10

It sold out so fast! I had to preorder mine for dispatch a week later. I was dismayed to find that the shadows arrived 4 days late and with one eyeshadow shattered. I emailed the company, but they were unable to give me any form of refund or replacement, as I emailed them 7 days after the eyeshadows arrived (the package arrived at my home address when I was at university). This is completely fair.
However, the real issue I have is that broken eyeshadows are frequent in these palettes, suggesting an issue with the packaging or perhaps formula that isn’t being addressed.

Product. 7/10

The shimmery eyeshadows are so beautiful and pigmented. My favourites are the gold and orange colours on the third row. They’re great to pack onto the eyelid with your finger. I was slightly disappointed with the matte shades, especially the burgundy that I essentially purchased the palette for. When blended out, it faded to a faint pink-ish red.

Here’s what the eyeshadows look like on my arm… even though they don’t look like this on the eyelid. But that would take forever so…

Line 1:
Line 2:


Line 3: These shimmer colours are my favourite.
Line 4:
Line 5: The matte colours fade to nothing…




You can definitely tell the matte colours from the shimmer as many of them trail into nothing. The mattes are hard to blend too and but I really like the brown transition colour on the top row. It seems like I’m bitching a lot about the matte shades namely because I was so excited for the burgundy. But to be honest, I’d buy this again just for the shimmery colours. I’ve never seen anything so pigmented. Word of warning, if you don’t use an eyeshadow primer, be prepared for huge fallout.

Packaging. 7/10

Packaging isn’t a deal breaker for me but if I had to rate it, I’d rate it highly. I like that it’s a big chunky palette, I know most people wouldn’t. And the simple logo is really pretty.However, its bulkiness would make it difficult to travel with for those who that relates to… because I’m sad and don’t leave the house much.

Would I recommend this product?

Yes! Namely for those simmery oranges and golds… they’re so pretty and I’ve never seen anything else like them. For £18 you can’t expect perfection and you do get so many different shades. For the same price, you could buy the Zoeva cocoa blend palette. But you get so many more shades, that are unique and beautiful. Plus, you’re supporting a small business If you’re interested in buying the palette, click here to visit the website. Just thought I’d mention that I haven’t been paid or sponsored to write about the palette (obviously…) and all opinions are my own.




3 thoughts on “Lovable Lashes: Caribbean Spice Palette

  1. Oh I was going to buy the palette for the burgundy colour after one youtuber said its a dupe for makeup geek bitten

    Do u think that was an exaggeration ?
    And it is not really visible?


    1. The more I’ve tried the palette and gotten used to pigmentation, the more I like it. I’ve never tried makeup geek’s bitten, but the burgundy and purples in this palette aren’t as pigmented as the ‘bitten’ shades I’ve seen in videos in my opinion. You could build up to get the colour, but it might be a little patchy. I’d still recommend this palette though, I find myself reaching for it for the glittery looks. I’ve never tried shimmery eyeshadows as good as these. But if you only want the palette solely for the burgundy ‘bitten’ dupe, I’d say just buy straight from makeup geek. Hope this helps!


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